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for stuart to test, now using latest weld
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One step closed to implementing the generic bean annotations. Changed configuration and moved away completely from the seam-xml generic configuration. Currently only the kbasetest is fully functional until some weldx stuff gets resolved
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code-coverage capability
ksession test further try to get it running
fix KSessionTest

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fix deployment issue
SEAMDROOLS-6 - Add support for session inspector to generate reports

SEAMDROOLS-7 - Add support for Channel registration and integration
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SEAMDROOLS-4 - Add ability to automatically register custom operators

updated parent to version 3. added new profile
update to parent 2
fix test errors

update xml config for tests, hard code seam xml module version for now to keep hudson happy

update to latest xml config, fix naming typo

Fixed SeamDelegate to use the beans class instead of Object.class and updated the poms to make sure they get correct arquillian dependencies.
ws, give beans.xml root elements
trigger distribution builds as part of release process
move depMgmt for own submodules to parent
add dist
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new build
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clean ups to POM as a result of weld-parent:10
don't attach docs, or do the weird copy hack for Gavin
default location for assembly.xml
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added stateful knowledge session wrapper
updated to weld extensions api changes. changed back to weld-parent.
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removed org.jboss.seam.drools.old package and content.

added ability to turn off seam delegate matching in DroolsConfig