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revert to slf4j, problems on EAP 5
update to JBoss Logger
Downgraded weldx version for compatibility with Faces - eventually this needs to be re-upgraded, but there are blocking API differences.
switch to jboss repo
SEAMSERVLET-10, and gracefully degrade if BeanManager is not available
update to parent 2
ws, give beans.xml root elements
add dist
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new build
java 1.5 is the default for all of seam
no repos in poms
no repos in poms
Fixed potential NPE due to improper construction of AnnotationLiterals
Removed too much. Re-added SLF4J-api provided scope dependency.
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Removed SLF4J dependencies and bindings, since WELDX now includes a JBossAS compatible version of SLF4J
  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
make dep optional (a bit more self explanatory)
Updated ARQ version, and broken test.
Specified Java compile version 1.5
Added provided weld-core dependency for compilation requirements in ContextualHttpRequest
Added SLF4J dependencies.
Fixed Servlet Listener ordering issues - still need to fix Weld/AppServers/JavaEE
Default to empty string
Fixed erroneous class in web-fragment.xml
Fixed potential NullPointer if not operating in proper servlet environment.
Attempt at fixing seam parent pom missing
weld-extensions to snapshot
own ServletContextListener for sticking the BeanManager into the ServletContext attribute of the BM class name