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Changes for EAP5 testsuite
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fixed exception when clicking friend request link

back port of JBSEAM-2082
iteration on wrong level in xls columns docs
JBPAPP-2375 - removed metawidget examples
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JBPAPP-2356 - synchronizing build and pom files for the current used version of jboss-embedded
JBPAPP-2359 - removed guice integration and example from seam
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WebSpehre v7 jee5/booking sample rework + WebSphere v7 documentation chapter rework


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POT and PO update
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Italian translation
Formatting + remove 2LC

Handle exceptions when HTTP session expire and Seam cleanup EntityManagers in WebSphere

cleanup of jpa sample application on WebSphere v7 JBSEAM-4324

add the possibility to "end all" (root) conversation with the "s:conversationPropagation" tag


Added tip to recommended packaging of rule resources which users do not wish to place within their project archive.
update changelog