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JBPAPP-2483 Creation of a testcase for seamspace example
JBSEAM-4355 Added functional testcase for seamspace example
reduced unused imports
JBPAPP-2406 - RemotingTest fixed for MapWrapper
Drools5 Integration
JBSEAM-4353 Added functional test for guice example.
Drools5 integration.
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JBQA-2500 Added functional tests for metawidget examples to the testall target
Don't start JBoss server for ftests by default.
JBSEAM-4293 Make JBoss restart after a specified number of ftests run to prevent OutOfMemoryError
tagged Seam for EAP 5 CR2
JBPAPP-2436 - removed references to jboss 4.2.3
JBPAPP-2410 - replaced colons by dashes in testng test names
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Changes for EAP5 testsuite
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fixed exception when clicking friend request link

back port of JBSEAM-2082
iteration on wrong level in xls columns docs
JBPAPP-2375 - removed metawidget examples
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JBPAPP-2356 - synchronizing build and pom files for the current used version of jboss-embedded
JBPAPP-2359 - removed guice integration and example from seam
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