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JBPAPP-5517 - integration test for exception handling in jbpm EL expression
JBPAPP-5740 - disabled snapshot repository and updated versions in ivy.xml
JBPAPP-5740 - jbpm-jpdl upgrade to 3.2.10 from SOA-P 5.1.0
JBSEAM-4774 - fixed set of conversation propagation types
JBSEAM-4774 - fixed set of conversation propagation types
change the default version according to branch 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
branching Seam 2.2 to Seam 2.3
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post release changes
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forgot to update readme.txt with version
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oops, wrong branch for 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT. Correct is 2.2.2-SNAPSHOT
updating version to 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
tagging 2.2.1.Final release
update changelog.txt for full list of issues ficed in 2.2.1.Final
JBSEAM-4771, fix failover cluster test for booking for JBossAS 6
JBSEAM-4759 - fixed tomcat deployment for Blog and DvdStore with HSearch enhancement
changing version number and filling changelog from JIRA Release Notes
fix jee5-booking ftest for jboss6
changed log level for not installing POJO Cache
JBPAPP-5703 - upgrade to Drools 5.1.0.BRMS
JBPAPP-5703 - upgrade to Drools 5.1.0.BRMS
update version to 2.2.3-SNAPSHOT
fix seambay functional test so that it functions with jbossAS6
default values for jboss as containers ftest