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Add remoting examples to examples-ee6

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back port of JBSEAM-4916
JBSEAM-4916 fixed distribution assembly
fixed references to 2.3.0.Beta1 in seam-integration-tests
set new development version 2.3.0.Beta2-SNAPSHOT
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created tag for 2.3.0.Beta1 - again
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created tag for Seam 2.3.0.Beta1

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created tag for Seam 2.3.0.Beta1

updated readme, changelog and migration doc
Changed version to 2.3.0.Beta1 and fixed wrong groupId issues
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JBSEAM-4913 diabled test
disabling test for now JBSEAM-4911
fixing integration tests and also uncommented PhaseListenerTest unit test
New branch to hold all the Beta2 items to be merged at a future time.

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moved generating javadoc to distribution profile
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fixed restoring of PageContext after restoreView
hack for JBSEAM-4898
added jta to dvdstore-tests dependencies
update booking example jboss-ejb3.xml for clustering on AS7.

add testing section about arquillian

JBSEAM-4909 fixed the util template
JBSEAM-4902 replaced hibernate validator annotations by javax.validation.contraints.*
cleaned Blog example and did changes for fixing its compilation
added Richfaces artifacts 4.1 to be managed by examples-ee6 parent
JBPAPP-4756 upgraded Drools to 5.1.1
Disengaging blog, contactlist, and drools until dependencies can be resolved.
migrated all versions to 2.3.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT and repaired any ailing dependencies
cleaned up pom
changed dependencies for drools tests