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set next release string version 2.3.0.Final-SNAPSHOT
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oops, wrong snapshot plugin version
created 2.3.0.CR1 tag
changed version in ant scripts too
changed version to 2.3.0.CR1 and updated changelog.txt
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filtered release-process.txt from src zip
updated migration text
filtered hidden IDE related files
Installed ant for seamspace; although arquillian test does not run. Seems that there are two jboss-seam.jar in the classpath making for extreme sadness.
Finished with ant for booking
halt on failure set to no.
Finished with ant for booking
updated ear.
Added p
updated seam BOM to jboss-javaee-with-hibernate 1.0.0.Final
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fixed wrong directory and file permissions for doc subdirectories
update groovybooking ftest properties

add a few delays to the seambay webservices webdriver test

ignore FactoryLockTest seamSynchronizedFactoryLock test

disable known test failures

remove jboss-seam-ui from the SeamTest tests

rename SessionScopedOutjectionOverwriteTest beans to avoid name conflict with other tests

JBSEAM-4976 fix RestoreViewComponentAccessTest

commented cleaning of jar-dependencies directory