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fix jms module documentation for distribution build

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SEAMJMS-33 Cleaned up some documentation.

SEAMJMS-35 Misc module clean up.

SEAMJMS-34 improved test coverage.

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Removed file.

SEAMJMS-40 Removed combined JAR. SEAMJMS-35 cleaned up EventBridge.

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Merged in documentation changes.

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Cleaned up documentation for SEAMJMS-18 and SEAMJMS-24

SEAMJMS-24 Added back in support to Routes via method invocation. modified the code slightly to not depend on the class being a bean, it never will be. Fixed unit test for route that was failing.

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Fixed missing title.

Cleaned up documentation after review w/ Daniel H.

Just a minor change in verbiage.

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SEAMJMS-20 Finished up support for the MessageManager API. Minor documentation clean up.

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Implementations for various test cases and refactoring of code to provide both api and impl for API classes.

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Cleaned up documentation. Cleaned up new classes for Message creation and object generation. Made formerly failing tests work. Added in code to observe servlet startup events.

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Cleaned up documentation a bit. Upgraded seam parent to latest (CR1)

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Updated Arquillian to 1.0.0-Alpha3. Added jbossas-remote-6 and jbossas-managed-6 profiles, updated for JBoss AS 6 M4 with HornetQ. Started work on SEAMJMS-1.

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update docbook dtd version

Updated routing documentation to explain how to use the new EventRouting API.

Fixed project group id in Installation documentation.

Restructured project to match updated Module Anatomy guidelines @

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Updated documentation

Updated documentation

Added Seam License header

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initial import from git://

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