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Fixing [SEAMJMS-27]

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SEAMJMS-32 Added inbound/outbound annotations and added support for them.

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SEAMJMS-24 Added back in support to Routes via method invocation. modified the code slightly to not depend on the class being a bean, it never will be. Fixed unit test for route that was failing.

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Implementations for various test cases and refactoring of code to provide both api and impl for API classes.

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Removed files (really this time). Changed session producer to create application scoped sessions.

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Removed async behavior, didn't work as expected. Added in support for changing @Inject point to use Routing literals. Added new test case to verify behavior. Reduced logging levels.

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SEAMJMS-14 Added a combined build. SEAMJMS-19 Changed header on all code to reference ASL, as well as the assembly.

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Moved code that was bound to request scoped to be dependent. Fixed TCCL issue. Added preloading support for destinations. Note: if you run this code, you could run into the infinite message loop issue.

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Moved @Module to implementation package - it is designed for internal use.