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I´m facing some problems using seam persistence(3.0.0.Final) in clustered tomcat6.

When using session replication throught DeltaManager, the following exception occurs:

org.apache.catalina.ha.session.DeltaManager requestCompleted

SEVERE: Unable to serialize delta request for sessionid [4F3785FD97924B5DD4D948B562F057E2.node2] org.jboss.seam.persistence.PersistenceContextsImpl$PersistenceContextDefintition


I´ve modified the inner class PersistenceContextDefintition removing static and implementing Serializable to solve my problem.

Applying patch for SEAMPERSIST-75

Fixing SEAMFACES-224

The original flush mode was never kept, so it couldn't ever be returned.

update solder package name

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  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
update parent and bom, fix compiler errors, fix dist

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fix compiler errors

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
removed combined dir, removed transaction packages

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Make EntityTransaction application scoped so it can be used in se environemnts

Remove Instance<> calls to prevent memory leaks

SEAMPERSIST-44 remove useless @Remove annotation

Removed EjbSynchronizations and set TransactionManagerSynchronizations to be @DefaultBean

Removed leaky Instance<> from EjbSynchronizations

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Removed unused BeanManager injection from SynchronizationRegistry

Add the AS7 TransactionManager location

Synchronizations are working, but not sure they are being cleaned up properly yet.

First attempt at EjbSynchronizations w/@Dependent Delegate

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Stuart needs to look at this, but it's working (Fix for NoSuchElementException causing EJB to be removed from session)

Fix formatting

EjbSynchronizations is now a thread-safe @ApplicationScoped instead of @RequestScoped

EjbSynchronizations need to use JBoss logging instead of SLF4j

Restored EjbSynchronizations for compatability with AS7 - You must now configure TransactionManagerSynchronizations if desired - tests not passing yet

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Update code formatting to match community formatting rules

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SEAMPERSIST-40: Changed docs and javadocs

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fix compiler error

remove slf4j

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update seam-bom version, rename SeamManaged to ExtensionManaged

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updated seam-bom version, removed slf4j dependency

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rename transactions package

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Remove @SeamManaged

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