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[SWITCHYARD-2536] - Updated persistence config to only create schema

[SWITCHYARD-2760] - Enabled error logging for http binding

SWITCHYARD-2740 SOAP response version mismatch at SOAP gateway binding

SWITCHYARD-2771 ClusteredInvoker should reuse HttpInvokers (performance)

[SWITCHYARD-2720] - Remove end quotes for ACCEPT header in REST Reference bindings

SWITCHYARD-2688 Switchyard endpoints do not work when used in the enrich EIP in a camel route

The endpoint URI is still applicable when it's invoked via enrich DSL while CamelToEndpoint is not

SWITCHYARD-2495 Enable security context to be supplied when using RemoteInvoker

SWITCHYARD-1694 Component Service metrics missing from DMR integration

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SWITCHYARD-2061 Not possible to deploy WAR SwitchYard application when BPEL component is included

SWITCHYARD-1828 Distinguish between binding lifecycle not present and stopped

[SWITCHYARD-2744] - Added facility to override SSL hotname verifier and stores

SWITCHYARD-2743 TransactionMixIn.participate() fails if it's not yet initialize()d

Upgrade to jboss.as.parent 7.5.0.Final-redhat-21

SWITCHYARD-2671 SOAP OsgiEndpointPublisher fails to be loaded if switchyard feature is already installed

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    • +87
SWITCHYARD-2737 Missing support for X509Certificate from the transport layer

SWITCHYARD-2701 JMSPriority not mapped correctly by JMSContextMapper

SWITCHYARD-2593 NonRepeatableRequestException on POST request

Also fixed not to set some request headers like Content-Length which should be calculated by httpclient library.

SWITCHYARD-2705 Refine WSDL edits at deploy time

Skipped one parameter check on WSDL messages those are not really used for the service contract

SWITCHYARD-2724 NPE in RouteFactory when invalid class name is specified for Java DSL

SWITCHYARD-2596 Add javax.activation.api as a dependency in xmlgraphics module

SWITCHYARD-1866 SwitchYardTestKit throws NPE when it depends on BPEL component

SWITCHYARD-2694 Tough uninstallation of atom and rss quickstarts

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SWITCHYARD-2691 Update camel to 2.15.x

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[SWITCHYARD-2528] - Tweaked rest-binding multiple parameter warnings

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SWITCHYARD-2574 Adding of a user in non-interactive mode on EAP/Wildfly

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SWITCHYARD-2674 Context/Message/Exchange injection is corrupted after another bean invocation

set version to 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT

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SWITCHYARD-2510 Enable @PreDestroy for SY managed CDI Beans (Bean-Service, Transformer, Validator)

SWITCHYARD-2643 Fix resolution of CDI component references with same name

Fix up parent relative paths and add modules to parent pom.