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SWITCHYARD-2511 JAXB unmarshal fails with StAXSource produced by camel converter

SAXSource also hit a problem, the namespace is lost somehow. Fixed to extract DOMSource anyway if it gets any of StAXSource or SAXSource

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SWITCHYARD-2165 update indentation

SWITCHYARD-2220 Unable to find BeanManager error on executing mqtt quickstart on karaf

Set a deployment class loader as a CamelContext applicationClassLoader. CAMEL-7728 fix introduces another issue due to the CamelContext applicationClassLoader is not initialized with the bundle deployment class loader.

SWITCHYARD-1961 Enable CamelContext configuration and statisticsLevel property

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SWITCHYARD-2145: Security context not propagated to EJB invocations

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SWITCHYARD-2031: Please allow public API access to Lite version of SecurityContext

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SWITCHYARD-340 Rebase of earlier OSGi work

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SWITCHYARD-1928 Remove JBoss logging messages from .toString() methods.

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SWITCHARD-1904 Fix findbugs issues and provide exceptions

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SWITCHYARD-1765 Added check for null reply handler

SWITCHYARD-1718 DMR update throttling does not allow the time period to be set

SWITCHYARD-1729: Security context is not propagated between service calls

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SWITCHYARD-1611 CamelExchange only sets content type for in messages

SWITCHYARD-1610 SwitchYardTestKit.traceMessages() blows up InterceptorProcessor

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SWITCHYARD-1320 convert all log4j references to JBoss Logging

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SWITCHYARD-1634 set relatesTo and messageId on fault messages

SWITCHYARD-1622 mark exchangeInitiatedNS property as transient

SWITCHYARD-1588 Camel shutdown timeout needs to be smaller, configurable

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SWITCHYARD-1558 Update License Headers to Apache 2.0

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SWITCHYARD-1574 API cleanup

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SWITCHYARD-1569 Camel exchange bus includes transient context properties in copy()

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SWITCHYARD-1557 Support throttling of composite services

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SWITCHYARD-1534 notify consumer of runtime fault for inonly MEPs

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[SWITCHYARD-340] Add OSGi framework support for SwitchYard

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SWITCHYARD-1500 expose application properties, add metrics for bindings and references, add lifecyle methods for bindings

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[SWITCHYARD-1466] - Publish an ExchangeInitiatedEvent when sending a request message on an exchange

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[SWITCHYARD-1478] - Add message trace header to exception traces in Camel Bus

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SWITCHYARD-1402 Remove CamelMessageComposer from implementation.camel.

This commit contains shared code which should be placed in core and it's being used by camel exchange bus.

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