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SWITCHYARD-2511 JAXB unmarshal fails with StAXSource produced by camel converter

SAXSource also hit a problem, the namespace is lost somehow. Fixed to extract DOMSource anyway if it gets any of StAXSource or SAXSource

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SWITCHYARD-2165 update indentation

SWITCHYARD-2220 Unable to find BeanManager error on executing mqtt quickstart on karaf

Set a deployment class loader as a CamelContext applicationClassLoader. CAMEL-7728 fix introduces another issue due to the CamelContext applicationClassLoader is not initialized with the bundle deployment class loader.

SWITCHYARD-2145: Security context not propagated to EJB invocations

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SWITCHYARD-2031: Please allow public API access to Lite version of SecurityContext

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SWITCHYARD-1928 Remove JBoss logging messages from .toString() methods.

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SWITCHARD-1904 Fix findbugs issues and provide exceptions

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SWITCHYARD-1765 Added check for null reply handler

SWITCHYARD-1718 DMR update throttling does not allow the time period to be set

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SWITCHYARD-1729: Security context is not propagated between service calls

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SWITCHYARD-1611 CamelExchange only sets content type for in messages

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SWITCHYARD-1610 SwitchYardTestKit.traceMessages() blows up InterceptorProcessor

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SWITCHYARD-1320 convert all log4j references to JBoss Logging

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SWITCHYARD-1634 set relatesTo and messageId on fault messages

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SWITCHYARD-1622 mark exchangeInitiatedNS property as transient

SWITCHYARD-1558 Update License Headers to Apache 2.0

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SWITCHYARD-1574 API cleanup

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SWITCHYARD-1569 Camel exchange bus includes transient context properties in copy()

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SWITCHYARD-1557 Support throttling of composite services

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SWITCHYARD-1534 notify consumer of runtime fault for inonly MEPs

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SWITCHYARD-1500 expose application properties, add metrics for bindings and references, add lifecyle methods for bindings

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[SWITCHYARD-1466] - Publish an ExchangeInitiatedEvent when sending a request message on an exchange

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[SWITCHYARD-1478] - Add message trace header to exception traces in Camel Bus

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SWITCHYARD-1402 Remove CamelMessageComposer from implementation.camel.

This commit contains shared code which should be placed in core and it's being used by camel exchange bus.

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SWITCHYARD-1414: Add ability to reference named security sections

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SWITCHYARD-1395 JAXB transform errors are getting swallowed.

This commit is dedicated for 1.0 version and it's different compared to 0.8 changes since changes in camel bus implementation. This commit also contains improvements in error handling. Now SwitchYard mediation is surrounded by try-catch definition and doesn't use camel error handler.

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SWITCHYARD-1435 ExchangeCompletion event missing after Camel refactor

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SWITCHYARD-1320 Localize core - logging messages (WARN/ERROR/INFO) and exceptions.

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