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SWITCHYARD-2904 Enable CDI resolution for camel service Java DSL

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SWITCHYARD-2903 Camel pooled threads never die when defined in SwitchYard

RouteBuilder creates DefaultCamelContext in configure() if it's not set, but is never stopped. If the thread pool is created in the route, it belongs to that abondoned DefaultCamelContext, causes that thread pool to survive undeploy. Fixed to pass SY global CamelContext to the RouteBuilder so that the thread pool would shutdown in the SY undeploy sequence.

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SWITCHYARD-2876 Write a test for ENTESB-4587

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SWITCHYARD-2814 sendFault() shouldn't be used on InOnly

No code change. the faultType is always null for IN_ONLY operation, therefore any Throwable is wrapped with HandlerException on IN_ONLY. Described it in a comment in SwitchYardConsumer and added some testcases for those fault behavior.

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SWITCHYARD-2688 Switchyard endpoints do not work when used in the enrich EIP in a camel route

The endpoint URI is still applicable when it's invoked via enrich DSL while CamelToEndpoint is not

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