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SWITCHYARD-3008 SY InboundHandler does not consider all sources of CharacterEncoding

ENTESB-5283 SecurityServices info should be cached for performance

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SWITCHYARD-2373 Provide character encoding as a camel Exchange.CHARSET_NAME from non-camel bindings

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SWITCHYARD-2873 Add transform.camel to consume datamapper output and trigger camel-dozer

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SWITCHYARD-2884 Transform message to String automatically in HttpMessageComposer#decompose method

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SWITCHYARD-2828 Enable service independent properties to be carried without need for context mapper

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Fix checkstyle errors.

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SWITCHYARD-1916 Allow HTTP reference binding to accept HTTP method, request URI, query string, etc. dynamically

[SWITCHYARD-2760] - Enabled error logging for http binding

SWITCHYARD-2593 NonRepeatableRequestException on POST request

Also fixed not to set some request headers like Content-Length which should be calculated by httpclient library.


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