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SWITCHYARD-2810 RESTEasy OutboundHandler to sendFault for checked exceptions

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ENTESB-5283 SecurityServices info should be cached for performance

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SWITCHYARD-2373 Provide character encoding as a camel Exchange.CHARSET_NAME from non-camel bindings

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SWITCHYARD-2828 Enable service independent properties to be carried without need for context mapper

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SWITCHYARD-1997 Dynamic "per message" endpoint

Support overriding endpoint via context property - service name for SCA, URI for REST

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ENTESB-4739 HTTPS endpoint address doesn't work with HTTP proxy for RESTEasy reference binding

Fix checkstyle errors.

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SWITCHYARD-2787 Multiple SwitchYard tests fail for a single RESTEasy endpoint

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[SWITCHYARD-2720] - Remove end quotes for ACCEPT header in REST Reference bindings

[SWITCHYARD-2744] - Added facility to override SSL hotname verifier and stores

SWITCHYARD-2691 Update camel to 2.15.x

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[SWITCHYARD-2528] - Tweaked rest-binding multiple parameter warnings

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