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SWITCHYARD-2873 Add transform.camel to consume datamapper output and trigger camel-dozer

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SWITCHYARD-2172 Added a quickstart to demostrate propagating security credentials over JMS queue using custom MessageComposer and BindingDataCreator

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SWITCHYARD-2855 Add camel-dozer support with endpoint/data format definition enabled

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SWITCHYARD-2818 Fixed SoapAttachmentQuickstartTest failure

According to CXF-6665/CXF-6431 this failure is caused by the missing properties in the Conteyt-Type MIME header. It seems that the Conteyt-Type header is overriden at somewhere in CXF client, so I needed to modify that header after SOAPMessage.saveChanges().

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SWITCHYARD-2821 soap-attachment tests failing due to cxf 2.7.17 upgrade

Disabled a test for now

SWITCHYARD-2822 Upgrade to WildFly10

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SWITCHYARD-2774 Add deployment test for camel-atom and camel-rss qs

Also removed unused imports from existing tests

SWITCHYARD-2691 Update camel to 2.15.x

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set version to 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT

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