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SWITCHYARD-2634 SCAComponent looks for ISPN cache before initialized

SWITCHYARD-2592 SCA cluster invocation doesn't work if both of consumer/producer are deployed onto same karaf node

Moved cache instance from activator to component so that all the SCA activator on a same runtime can share it

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SWITCHYARD-2009 invoke local optimization for clustered endpoints

SWITCHYARD-2338 Runtime access to config model in SCA binding

SWITCHYARD-2336 Add the properties to the exchange message

SWITCHYARD-2320 move OSGi service declarations into consuming bundle

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SWITCHYARD-2261 infinispan not configurable for end users

Made infinispan XML and JGroups XML configurable for karaf

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SWITCHYARD-2262 transaction bridging should not be attempted in Karaf

Added "disable-remote-transaction" flag as a sca component property to disable remote transaction propagation.

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SWITCHYARD-2169 Support for SCA binding clustering in Karaf

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SWITCHYARD-2154 set deployment class loader as a TCCL on SCA local invocation

SWITCHYARD-2083 Verify functionality of SCA binding in Karaf

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SWITCHYARD-1980 SCAInvoker does not set operation on remote invocations

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SWITCHYARD-1727 Localize components/sca

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SWITCHYARD-1771 Support remote transaction propagation via SCA binding

Integrated XTS transaction bridge in the SCA remote invocation. If the client side has an active JTA transaction and its policy allows it to be propagated, then SCA invocation propagates the transaction context with using XTS transaction bridge.

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SWITCHYARD-1574 API cleanup

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SWITCHYARD-1569 Camel exchange bus includes transient context properties in copy()

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SWITCHYARD-1558 Update license headers

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SWITCHYARD-1534 notify consumer of runtime fault for inonly MEPs

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[SWITCHYARD-1556] - in-out remote invocations in cluster reuse same message instance

SWITCHYARD-1551 make stopped behavior consistent across gateways

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SWITCHYARD-1500 add lifecycle support to gateways

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SWITCHYARD-1483 Allow cross-domain access to service references

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[SWITCHYARD-1509] - Check for null reference in SCAInvoker

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[SWITCHYARD-1469] - Add a self-referential check in LocalInvoker for

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SWITCHYARD-1394 Follow up of changes in core.

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SWITCHYARD-1352 Defer initialization of remote endpoints for SCA bindings

SWITCHYARD-1344 target service and namespace not respected on clustered invocations

SWITCHYARD-1230 Relax SCA activator requirements for clustering

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SWITCHYARD-1308 Implement and extensions

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