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SWITCHYARD-159 Application archetype has not been updated

[SWITCHYARD-120] - Moved test-util to test and to package org.switchyard.test

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[SWITCHYARD-112] - Added test-util dependency to archetype pom

SWITCHYARD-122: Change URL-based namespaces to URNs

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SWITCHYARD-107: Transformer Configuration: Step 1

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SWITCHYARD-104: remove core/core and move api and runtime to root modules

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SWITCHYARD-100: M1 core build directory structure changes

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SWITCHYARD-95: sometimes SwitchYardModel doesnt merge properly

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SWITCHYARD-93: Create configuration introspector plugin (1)

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SWITCHYARD-55 Sample service classes generated by application archetype have bad package name

SWITCHYARD-52 Update name and artifactId in bean component pom

SWITCHYARD-50 Incorporate Keith's archetype-metadata.xml changes and add SimpleService/SimpleServiceBean shells.

- Changed the module directory to tools/maven/archetypes - Renamed the archetype to 'switchyard-application' - Replaced archetype.xml with archetype-metadata.xml - Changed archetype packaging to maven-archetype - Included java directories in src/main and src/java so that the user doesn't have to create these

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