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SWITCHYARD-2511 JAXB unmarshal fails with StAXSource produced by camel converter

SAXSource also hit a problem, the namespace is lost somehow. Fixed to extract DOMSource anyway if it gets any of StAXSource or SAXSource

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SWITCHYARD-2397: Upgrade Drools/jBPM to 6.2.0.BetaX and RuntimeEngine refactoring

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SWITCHYARD-2048: Loading configuration properties from file

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SWITCHYARD-2320 move OSGi service declarations into consuming bundle

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SWITCHYARD-2270 fix OOTB transformers initialization issues

SWITCHYARD-2043 Remove transform.dozer from 1.1 schema

SWITCHYARD-2117 Smooks transform doesn't work on karaf

Added ServiceDomain as a parameter to create Transformer. Since Smooks needs OSGi bundle to create an Smooks instance on OSGi environment, we need to pass the domain instance to the TransformFactory so it can retrieve OSGi bundle from domain property.

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SWITCHYARD-2129 OOTB transformers not loaded in Karaf

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SWITCHYARD-2029: provide for SwitchYard 2.0 namespace

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SWITCHYARD-1951: JABMarshalTransformer uses unmarshalling error message

SWITCHYARD-1995 Add a Dozer transformer quickstart

Changed the input/output for the transform() to Object instead of Message so it can work with message content directly since CamelMessage always passes message content to the transformer.

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SWITCHYARD-1953 Add a Dozer transformer to SwitchYard Thanks to parsek-doo for contributions related to this feature

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SWITCHYARD-340 Rebase of earlier OSGi work

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SWITCHARD-1904 Fix findbugs issues and provide exceptions

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SWITCHYARD-1730 XsltTransformer creates a new transformer on every invocation

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SWITCHYARD-1818: Descriptor validation errors due to config model version change

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SWITCHYARD-1728: Bump schema versions for model changes made since 1.0

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SWITCHYARD-1320 convert all log4j references to JBoss Logging

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SWITCHYARD-1627 Fix DOMSource creation for documents

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SWITCHYARD-1558 Update License Headers to Apache 2.0

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SWITCHYARD-1574 API cleanup

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SWITCHYARD-1536 eliminate split packages in core

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[SWITCHYARD-1463] - Support loading included XSLs from a relative path

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SWITCHYARD-1320 Localize core - logging messages (WARN/ERROR/INFO) and exceptions.

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SWITCHYARD-1314 Message Validator improvement


- - Return Details of Message Validation Error

-- validate() method returns ValidationResult object, which has getDetail() method to return error details when validation fails

- - Support multiple Schemas in XmlValidator

-- added SchemaFiles element in validate.xml to specify multiple schema files and removed schemaFile attribute

-- XmlValidator now supports namespace aware validation as well with setting 'namespaceAware' attribute as true

- - Add XML Catalog support to XML Validator

-- added SchemaCatalogs element in validate.xml to specify multiple schema catalogs

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SWITCHYARD-1310 Acquire Transformer/Validator instance from CDI registry

Author: Tomohisa Igarashi <>

Signed-off-by: Lukasz Dywicki <>

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SWITCHYARD-1270 - Move BAtoString transformer from component/hq to core

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SWITCHYARD-1290 Doc-lit unwrapping is incompatible with JAXB unmarshaling

SWITCHYARD-1223 Extract the root causes when a Throwable is sent as Fault message without reply handler

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