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SWITCHYARD-2511 JAXB unmarshal fails with StAXSource produced by camel converter

SAXSource also hit a problem, the namespace is lost somehow. Fixed to extract DOMSource anyway if it gets any of StAXSource or SAXSource

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SWITCHYARD-2117 Smooks transform doesn't work on karaf

Added ServiceDomain as a parameter to create Transformer. Since Smooks needs OSGi bundle to create an Smooks instance on OSGi environment, we need to pass the domain instance to the TransformFactory so it can retrieve OSGi bundle from domain property.

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SWITCHYARD-1951: JABMarshalTransformer uses unmarshalling error message

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SWITCHYARD-340 Rebase of earlier OSGi work

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SWITCHYARD-1320 convert all log4j references to JBoss Logging

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SWITCHYARD-1558 Update License Headers to Apache 2.0

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SWITCHYARD-1574 API cleanup

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SWITCHYARD-1536 eliminate split packages in core

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SWITCHYARD-1320 Localize core - logging messages (WARN/ERROR/INFO) and exceptions.

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SWITCHYARD-1290 Doc-lit unwrapping is incompatible with JAXB unmarshaling

SWITCHYARD-828 Explicit definition of JAXB transformers

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SWITCHYARD-410: JAXB transformation fails when ObjectFactory does not produce JAXBElement<?>

SWITCHYARD-244: Find a new home for JavaService.toJavaMessageType

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SWITCHYARD-331 Use TraX Source for message content in SOAP component

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SWITCHYARD-313: Make web service development easier using JAXB annotations

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