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SWITCHYARD-1558 Update License Headers to Apache 2.0

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SWITCHYARD-1314 Message Validator improvement


- - Return Details of Message Validation Error

-- validate() method returns ValidationResult object, which has getDetail() method to return error details when validation fails

- - Support multiple Schemas in XmlValidator

-- added SchemaFiles element in validate.xml to specify multiple schema files and removed schemaFile attribute

-- XmlValidator now supports namespace aware validation as well with setting 'namespaceAware' attribute as true

- - Add XML Catalog support to XML Validator

-- added SchemaCatalogs element in validate.xml to specify multiple schema catalogs

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SWITCHYARD-1310 Acquire Transformer/Validator instance from CDI registry

Author: Tomohisa Igarashi <>

Signed-off-by: Lukasz Dywicki <>

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SWITCHYARD-492 Add message contents validation mechanism

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