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SWITCHYARD-2183 - Adding ability to remove multiple bindings at once

SWITCHYARD-2181 - Added multi-remove to properties tables

back to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT

SWITCHYARD-1922 - Fixing Camel implementations so browsing actually changes the model

SWITCHYARD-1835 - Adding validation for Period on SQL Binding

SWITCHYARD-1949 - Fixes to allow editing of property name AND value for Composite Properties, JCA binding Activation Properties, Domain Properties, and Security Configuration Properties

SWITCHYARD-1948 - Fix for security properties

SWITCHYARD-2123 - Fixing issue with changing BPEL implementation

add dependency on jst.standard.schemas to m2e tests plugin

SWITCHYARD-2168 - Fixing label of SAP capability in the extension point

SWITCHYARD-2173 - Ensuring the IMAP account type is set by default for all new Mail bindings

SWITCHYARD-2174 - Change "Switchyard.osgi.version" to "switchyard.version" in pom properties generated by the bundling process in the new SwitchYard project wizard.

SWITCHYARD-2108 - Adding new CXF binding UI and model

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ignore comments and whitespace in m2e configuration tests

SWITCHYARD-1910 - Ignoring ReferenceInvoker in validation error, as the caller is responsible for taking care of casting return data

bump version to 2.0.0.Alpha1

bump to 1.1.6

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SWITCHYARD-2102 remove aether dependencies to support m2e 1.5

SWITCHYARD-2120 - Fix to make project pick up Java version correctly from the pom.xml

SWITCHYARD-2120 - Fix to make project pick up Java version correctly from the pom.xml

SWITCHYARD-2094 - Adding project wizard OSGI bundling option

SWITCHYARD-2097 - Adding SAP binding, changing empty binding name to warning

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SWITCHYARD-2062 - Additions for RSS and Atom Bindings to tooling and models

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revert default config version to 1.1

fix checkstyle errors

SWITCHYARD-2030 add support for 2.0 configuration models

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SWITCHYARD-1956 - Adding Dozer transform tooling support

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bump tycho version to support mvn 3.1

bump tycho version to support mvn 3.1

bump to 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT

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