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SWITCHYARD-2405 - Model/validation updates for FTP, FTPS, SFTP

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SWITCHYARD-2030 add support for 2.0 configuration models

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SWITCHYARD-1873 Convert binding tooling to use Eclipse databinding framework

SWITCHYARD-1873 - Convert binding tooling to use Eclipse databinding framework

adding validation to a number of fields for various endpoint types

SWITCHYARD-1992 - Add controls for common JCA endpoint and processor props

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SWITCHYARD-1747 - Adding additionalURI property to all camel bindings

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SWITCHYARD-1557 add support for throttling; regenerated base emf model

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SWITCHYARD-1313 - Updates for property configuration support - model changes complete - added composite and component property config pages

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SWITCHYARD-1242 regenerated camel model using primitive types instead of object types

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SWITCHYARD-1234 more editor cleanup from model changes

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SWITCHYARD-1217 - Updates to let the tooling build and run with the camel refactoring

SWITCHYARD-1217 - Commit to squash

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SWITCHYARD-1200 - Modified the tooling's EMF model to meet the changes in the camel schemas. This is just the model changes. The UI changes will occur in a JIRA to be spun off from this one

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