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SWITCHYARD-2413: Add validation to new transformation wizard

SWITCHYARD-2388 fix classloader issues when detecting required transformers

SWITCHYARD-2310 use bundle classloader to initialize CXF Bus for Java2WSDL

SWITCHYARD-2482 cleanup debugger issues

SWITCHYARD-2405 - Model/validation updates for FTP, FTPS, SFTP

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skip uber-jar enforcer check for ..tools.core and ..tools.cxf

SWITCHYARD-2314 Rename cxf quickstart to match convention used by other quickstarts

SWITCHYARD-2467 - Relaxing Graphiti version for 0.11 support

SWITCHYARD-2457 and SWITCHYARD-2440 - Fixes for delayed validation

SWITCHYARD-1924 - Standardizing implementation label/link behavior

SWITCHYARD-1869 - Fixed one missing validator on the java operation selector

SWITCHYARD-2453 - Update the JCA properties to clean up duplicates on set

SWITCHYARD-2195 - Corrected regex to handle case with colon before escaped property

JBTIS-290 - set o.j.t.usage resolution for SwitchYard

SWITCHYARD-2419 - Updates to JCA model and interaction details property page

SWITCHYARD-2296 - Support WSDL imports to provide comprehensive lists of available port types and ports in browse dialogs

SWITCHYARD-2291 - Adding a check and wait to make sure all builds are complete before generating the WSDL. With long-running builds we had an issue where the service interface used to generate the WSDL didn't yet exist due to builds still executing. Now we wait for them to complete before generating the WSDL.

SWITCHYARD-2337 - Fixing an issue with NPE on dispose in the editor. Also now fixes SWITCHYARD-2454

add pluginRepository to resolve SNAPSHOT versions of switchyard-plugin

SWITCHYARD-2123 - Correcting issue with property sheet vs. property page implementation for BPEL

SWITCHYARD-2411 - Fixes to features.xml and pom.xml generation for karaf/osgi support

SWITCHYARD-2436 - One line fix

SWITCHYARD-2430 - Updates to clear up the nil issue with mqtt host

SWITCHYARD-2426 - Fixing the CXF binding as well as the Mail binding which I found had some minor layout issues as well

more fixes for enforcer rule failures for transitive dependencies

SWITCHYARD-1922 - Making sure the model update is wrapped to avoid the exception.

SWITCHYARD-2367 - Adding ability to load property files for domains, soap interceptors, bpm, and rules

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fix enforcer rule failures for transitive dependencies

SWITCHYARD-2386 - Fixed issue with our WSDL2Java code that wasn't working if the WSDL used faults.

SWITCHYARD-2387 - Scattered Camel Binding fixes