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JBTIS-312 - add source bundles to SwitchYard

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SWITCHYARD-2353 - Updates to rules & bpm models

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SWITCHYARD-2355 - Change camel-binding tests to use camel-file-binding

SWITCHYARD-2341 - Fixing layout issues with checkboxes in FTP bindings

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SWITCHYARD-2335 - Updates to Quartz model and binding UI

SWITCHYARD-2337 - Fixing dispose issue with ObservablesManager

SWITCHYARD-2334 - Updates to handle BOM dependency support in project wizard

SWITCHYARD-1906 Removed option to close Source tab in editor.

SWITCHYARD-1906 Removed option to close Source tab in editor.

SWITCHYARD-2291 - Adding additional text to message regarding WSDL generation failure when project is unbuilt - now gives the option of building the project if classes are not there

SWITCHYARD-2325 - Updates to JCA binding

SWITCHYARD-2274 - Fix for jndiName/outbound JCA

SWITCHYARD-2322 - Fixing Camel validator so it validates operation count and name properly - adding URI validation message as well and checking for URIs with multiple parameters

SWITCHYARD-2271 fix model affiliation for dozer transform type

SWITCHYARD-1947 - Fixing F2/rename issue with selection in editor

SWITCHYARD-2108 - Updating name of quickstart

SWITCHYARD-2303 - Updated new SY project wizard to add DynamicImport-package elements in pom.xml - also removed switchyard.osgi.provide.capability for SWITCHYARD-2301

SWITCHYARD-2282 - Updating BPMN2 update site location and editor code

SWITCHYARD-1975 - Fixing issue with Validator not setting schemaType

SWITCHYARD-2269 - Updating Rules & BPM with new resource types

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SWITCHYARD-2008 - Getting rid of annoying "NLS unused message: label_moveDefault" message

SWITCHYARD-1988 - Dealing with repeating background on BPMN and Rules implementations

back to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT

SWITCHYARD-2250 - Fixing issues with JCA binding UI

SWITCHYARD-2257 - Fixing default SOAP binding header default

SWITCHYARD-2253 detect SwitchYard runtime in WildFly servers

bump to 2.0.0.Alpha2

SWITCHYARD-2239 - Updates to work with Luna's EMF Compare

SWITCHYARD-2242 - Fix for NPE when adding BPM implementation operation

SWITCHYARD-2112 - Added support for MQTT bindings as well as PropDouble and PropFloat support in the Advanced properties composite

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