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SWITCHYARD-951 - Adding adv tab to bindings

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SWITCHYARD-1014 Move pluginmanagement to parent pom

SWITCHYARD-1002 no error for services/references that inherit interfaces

SWITCHYARD-950 - Adding policy support

SWITCHYARD-999 add model validation logic for service wiring

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SWITCHYARD-972 - Fixing some typos in REST binding

SWITCHYARD-949 - Adding Validator support

  1. … 13 more files in changeset.
SWITCHYARD-988 add support for model validation

SWITCHYARD-983 - Fixed enablement and binding property sheet

SWITCHYARD-984 - Fixing BPMN2 build issue

SWITCHYARD-948 - Updates for transformers plus merge

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SWITCHYARD-932 - Adding new tab for context mapper

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SWITCHYARD-975 do not propagate events for changes to xmnls prefix map

SWITCHYARD-973 - Fixing wrong artifact name for resteasy

SWITCHYARD-957 persist diagram layout between edit sessions

SWITCHYARD-967 - Fixes issue with JCA outbound composite

SWITCHYARD-964 modify tool palette structure in switchyard editor

SWITCHYARD-963 - Eliminating Model Handler and all MH references

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SWITCHYARD-960 make sure ModelHandler is registered when editor opens

SWITCHYARD-943 upgrade to graphiti 0.9

SWITCHYARD-929 - Added inbound operation dropdown for inbound JCA bindings

SWITCHYARD-931 - Fixing label and default for SOAP Headers Type and SWITCHYARD-927

SWITCHYARD-942 - Adding support for Resteasy binding

  1. … 28 more files in changeset.
SWITCHYARD-938 move component code in editor into distinct packages

  1. … 145 more files in changeset.
SWITCHYARD-936 add p2 repos for EMF and MDT; switch to JBT 3.3 stable p2

bump to 0.6.0-SNAPSHOT

  1. … 21 more files in changeset.
SWITCHYARD-933 add outputSets when creating switchyard custom task

change unpack-schema-resources goal to unpack from unpack-dependencies

SWITCHYARD-924 - Fixing issue with reversed columns

SWITCHYARD-922 - Adding JCA to the list of components and fixing a couple things