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SWITCHYARD-1212 synchronize tooling with bpm/rules component updates

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SWITCHYARD-966 Add support for generating Java interfaces from WSDL

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SWITCHYARD-1217 - Updates to let the tooling build and run with the camel refactoring

SWITCHYARD-1217 - Commit to squash

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SWITCHYARD-1200 - Modified the tooling's EMF model to meet the changes in the camel schemas. This is just the model changes. The UI changes will occur in a JIRA to be spun off from this one

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SWITCHYARD-1135 add target namespace field to new project wizard

SWITCHYARD-1198 add capabilities for test mixins

SWITCHYARD-1195 - Updates to the advanced property lists and a fix for a HTTP binding issue I discovered, along with a fix for the JMS binding

SWITCHYARD-1164 - Adding domain security to the editor

SWITCHYARD-1191 - Fixing issue with soap binding

SWITCHYARD-1199 - Adding JPA binding and fixed problem w/ mail binding

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SWITCHYARD-1196 - Adding camel mail binding

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SWITCHYARD-1194 - Adding endpointAddress and fixing a few binding composites to work around SWITCHYARD-1192 for now

SWITCHYARD-1165 - Adding op selector types

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SWITCHYARD-1167 fix problems when updating in-memory generated model

SWITCHYARD-1171 - Updating list of quickstarts tested

SWITCHYARD-1163 - Removing common operation selector and moving those to the switchyard model. Adapting editor property pages to handle those changes.

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SWITCHYARD-1168 - Fixing issues with missing/wrong schema paths

SWITCHYARD-1153 update version of m2e-wtp

bump to 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT

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set default runtime version to 0.6.0.Final

bump to 0.6.0.Final

SWITCHYARD-1065 - Creating new editor tab for Domain settings

SWITCHYARD-1154 - Fixes for the issues Jeff found with Smooks Transformers and BPM actions

bump to 0.6.0.Beta2

SWITCHYARD-1148 - Adding new parms for SY BPMN task

SWITCHYARD-1139 - Adding remote/clustering support to editor

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SWITCHYARD-1132 - Adding TNS field editing and updating composite name editing to also update application name

SWITCHYARD-1117 - Fixing issue with saving end time

SWITCHYARD-1122 add generated services/references to source components

SWITCHYARD-1113 check for null faultType when resolving ServiceInterface