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TEIID-1052 fixing classpath of the adminshell and adding the sql help as a command.

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TEIID-1047: Host name resolution now match that of the JBoss AS. If user specifies "-b" option with JBoss, then Teiid will use that address. Otherwise "InetAddress.getLocalAddress()" is used. User can override JBoss bind address behavior by specifying the address in the Teiid configuration.

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TEIID-1039: Providing a admin method to merge two VDBs. This can be used by the Designer for preview functionality.

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TEIID-833 addressing misc. issues with jca changes. foremost the jdbc capabilities were not being picked up.

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TEIID-1017: step(2) Associating data policies read from the vdb.xml file into the engine that they can be enforced by the Teiid runtime. This removed the old authorization framework as the complexity may not be required here.

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TEIID-833: fixed few misc errors. (1) moved the admin tests to integration-db (2) fixed ping based on invalid session (3) removed admin api calls "shutdown" and "restart"

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TEIID-1015 TEIID-897 temporarily converting Teiid processing to a single threaded model. reintroduced the transaction manger to handle local and request level transactions. changing the default autowrap name to DETECT. consolidating threadlocal and security concerns.

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TEIID-1012 consolidating logging contexts and constants classes and updating the documentation to include information from the wiki.

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TEIID-833: removing the max open files setting

TEIID-833 cleaning up tests post merge

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TEIID-998: Renaming the configurationInfo.def into vdb.xml and moving it find it in the META-INF folder. Fixed the clean up of the matadata cache files. Added the DQP Configuration as managable objects.

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TEIID-833 committing merge

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