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TEIID-3371: configuring the kit to work with EAP-6.4-alpha version

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TEIID-2627: Adding bulk insert capability, add some minor updates

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TEIID-2780: Adding translator, and JCA resource adapter for Apache SOLR 1) Resource Adapter provides the connection to the SOLR, even though it uses http transport this does not use WS JCA adapter as SOLRJ client libraries available with SOLR project has used apache HTTP Client do the task 2) Translator is capable of select, insert, update and delete 3) Translator can also provide metadata, note that any given core will have single table 4) Translator provides equality, IN, LIKE based searches 5) Suports ORDER BY, ROW LIMIT 6) Multi-valued fields are resported as Array types in Teiid

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