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TEIID-4358: JDG: Retain supported dependencies in the module.xml for out-of-the-box usage

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TEIID-4106 second PR is to align the library mode connector/translator and fix the docs

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TEIID-4106 second PR is to align the library mode connector/translator and fix the docs

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TEIID-3725 TEIID-2293 TEIID-4018 TEIID-2293 TEIID-4002 Promoting upstream from 8.12.x branch

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TEIID-4102: corrected module.xml



TEIID-4102: corrected module.xml

TEIID-3801 updated to support JDG 6.6

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TEIID-3725 and TEIID-3559 this includes refactoring of the remote-cache logic to ue translator-object as its base, and changing remote-cache to support materialization





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TEIID-3541: removing the embedded kit entirely from build

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TEIID-3519: after successful kit startup

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TEIID-3559 refactoring to seperate object from infinispan-cache transaltors, and also updated to support JDG 6.5)

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TEIID-3343 Marking the module.xml files with classification

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Teiid-3288 updated JDG support from 6.3 to 6.4

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TEIID-3288 upgrading to support JDG 6.4 and its improved usage of protobufdefinition files

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Adding DSL searching capabilities when using library mode, includes new translator option SupportsDSLSearching to enable

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Complete TEIID-2700 and TEIDI-3137 to support JDG 6.3

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TEIID-2700 changes to support JDG running library mode, updated packaging and scripts. Still to come are updates to the translator and connector module dependencies to support JDG dsl, since JDG hot rod modules are no longer included in kit

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TEIID-3137 change from 6.2 slot to general 6 and fixed packaging of the resource-adapter

Changed to support JDG 6.3

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TEIID-2881 updating the module in connecotr-infinispan.6 to reference the same infinispan module referenced in connector-infinispan-dsl

TEIID-2826: fixing the build issue, and movign assemblies out of the kit directories for better visibility

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TEIID-2826: fixing the embedded build

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