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TEIID-988 refining the fix for the 3 argument locate

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TEIID-1014 fix for npe in the postgres translator, it's not handling the count(*) case.

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TEIID-833 committing JCA merge

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TEIID-988 correcting the locate position in the three argument form.

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TEIID-880 adding a fix for uniqueidentifier handling

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TEIID-806 TEIID-794 TEIID-741 TEIID-486 TEIID-799 simplifying functionmodifier, combining the modfunctionmodifier impls, updating all convert modifiers to better represent teiid type handling (especially char and boolean)

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TEIID-754: LOCATE() function isn't being translated correctly by Oracle Connector Created generic LOCATEFunctionModifier that could be used by all connectors. This ensures the implementation is for string index bases of 1. To handle the negative value issue the modify method uses a searched case expression for non-literal start indexes and and checks literal to ensure they are not less than 1.

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TEIID-758 adding support for locate to postgresql.

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TEIID-739 TEIID-360 updates to jdbc connector translators and capabilities. also changing the sybase/sql server time literal back to using the year 1900

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TEIID-164 changing new connector api to be org.teiid

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TEIID-164 repackaging the JDBC connector classes

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