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TEIID-1023 changing the default max rows to unlimited

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TEIID-1021: until we add a binary type this will at least allow bringing in differently encoded values as a blob

TEIID-1020 TEIID-918 scrubbing the jdbc driver. all but the statement extension was removed. also all metamatrix package names, references in the comments and in the messages have been removed. still need to ensure the docs are scrubbed.

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TEIID-897 rounding out the DETECT autoCommit transaction logic. still need to refine connector updatability. consolidated several engine packages and removed the logic to get subplans (required splitting the stylesheet handling into a separate class).

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TEIID-988 refining the fix for the 3 argument locate

TEIID-1014 fix for npe in the postgres translator, it's not handling the count(*) case.

TEIID-833 cleaning up tests post merge

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TEIID-861: old configuration files are being deleted

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TEIID-833: moving the tests written using the embedded to "integration-db" project.

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TEIID-833 committing JCA merge

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minor cleanups prior to merge

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TEIID-989 cleaning up the handling of unrelated order by items. also introduced an order by item class into the engine.

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TEIID-988 correcting the locate position in the three argument form.

TEIID-934 further work was needed to fix the boolean logic, and in general there was a problem with any modifier that "cloned" a language object.

TEIID-880 fix for NPE getting the metadataobject

TEIID-941 fix to postgresql mod function for float and double types.

TEIID-939 fix for too eagerly adding set query nesting parens, which are not supported on mysql.

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TEIID-934 boolean is not a valid type conversion, changing to signed.

TEIID-913 introducing a forward only buffermanager and taking steps to reduce memory consumption, including a canonical value map and streaming of batches to and from disk.

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TEIID-844 Implement metadata creation in the SalesForce connector. Added isReservedWord to SQLReservedWords Added logging filter for Axis

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TEIID-938 fix for mysql 5 char function

TEIID-934 fix to mysql lpad/rpad with two arguments

TEIID-923 fix for Oracle exception with multiple escape sequences.

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TEIID-891 adding correction for unsigned types

TEIID-891 changing the default for correcting unsigned types to true and adding logic to quote name in source.

TEIID-891 adding correction for unsigned types

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TEIID-869 TEIID-883 intermediate cleanup of metadata removing parsing logic that supported modelerid and / in identifiers

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TEIID-880 adding a fix for uniqueidentifier handling

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TEIID-871 TEIID-792 TEIID-102 TEIID-254 TEIID-869 TEIID-875 further clean up of metadata related logic. The index connector has been removed and the system virtual views promoted to physical tables. some of the tables/procedures have been removed. and minor changes have been made to MMDatabaseMetadata queries.

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TEIID-728 fix for inaccurate trim logic. No specific columns with a type of char or nchar are rtrimmed to produce consistent string forms.

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