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TEIID-818 fixing the handling of null ordering in the sql conversion visitor

TEIID-820: adding Derby XA Connector type

TEIID-805: JNDI based connection creation.

TEIID-486 sign support isn't in derby until 10.4

TEIID-806 TEIID-794 TEIID-741 TEIID-486 TEIID-799 simplifying functionmodifier, combining the modfunctionmodifier impls, updating all convert modifiers to better represent teiid type handling (especially char and boolean)

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TEIID-754: LOCATE() function isn't being translated correctly by Oracle Connector

TEIID-754: LOCATE() function isn't being translated correctly by Oracle Connector Created generic LOCATEFunctionModifier that could be used by all connectors. This ensures the implementation is for string index bases of 1. To handle the negative value issue the modify method uses a searched case expression for non-literal start indexes and and checks literal to ensure they are not less than 1.

TEIID-787 after consulting with John Doyle, removing special spatial logic from the oracle connector

TEIID-787 merging oracle and oracle spatial connectors.

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TEIID-786: increased the eviction thread wake up time, avoid making couple expensive logging calls, converted StringBuffer to StringBuilder to remove heavy use of sychronous append calls

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Converted to use JUnit4 framework Added test methods from R050504c branch

TEIID-765 fixing indexing error with procedure execution

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TEIID-758 adding support for locate to postgresql.

TEIID-715 TEIID-752 TEIID-753 adding some consistency to null ordering, addressing issues with mysql translator and with bulk updates

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TEIID-700 fix for oracle bug in union order by with a nested limit. also adding logging to the metadata import

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TEIID-739 minor update to derby and adding immutable=true to the text connector.

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TEIID-710 TEIID-486 TEIID-739 consolidating db2 and derby connector code, also adding Larry's fix for selected null literals and mod function handling

TEIID-739 TEIID-360 updates to jdbc connector translators and capabilities. also changing the sybase/sql server time literal back to using the year 1900

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TEIID-607 removing the connection test from the connector startup - the case that removed it wasn't committed prior to branching. also updated the status logic so that the connector itself is starting the polling task.

TEIID-514 update of language bridge factory to not set the name of unrelated order by items, so that the element itself will be used by the connector.

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TEIID-724 TEIID-687 updating import and exposure of autoincrement and in general updating the metadata queries to be JDBC 4.0 compatible.

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TEIID-514 adding the ability to specify order by columns unrelated to the select cause.

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TEIID-684 added the ability to cache the connector metadata and to specify import properties in the model definition.

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TEIID-714 TEIID-687 TEIID-685 TEIID-684 adding the ability to import procedures and fixing the DatabaseMetadata.getProcedures call.

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TEIID-708 TEIID-713 TEIID-687 TEIID-685 TEIID-684 initial commit of metadata supplied by the jdbc connector. also expanded the metadatafactory to include most of the remaining source metadata constructs (access patterns, and procedures are still missing).

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TEIID-590 TEIID-632 fixes to embedded to make integration easier

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ghelblin: backing out test mod

ghelblin: test to see if I can commit. Will back out immediately if successful.

TEIID-627 updating extension modules for connectors to be based upon the connector type classpath. also moving ConnectorPropertyNames

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