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Feature pack (#821)

* TEIID-4437: Initial blue print of the design of feature-pack based build

* TEIID-4437: add connector feature pack (#1)

* TEIID-4437: Fixing the Kylin's pull request

* TEIID-4437: adding salesforce and reverting some of my earlier changes

* TEIID-4437: adding SimpleDB moving Object to Infinispan

* TEIID-4437: adding webservice feature pack

* TEIID-4437: Adding SOLR feature pack

* TEIID-4437: Adding Olingo module

* TEIID-4437: fixing the issues in the build with dependencies

* TEIID-4437: Adding Odata feature pack

* TEIID-4437: adding swagger feature-pack

* TEIID-4437: adding hive, hbase and prestodb to jdbc feature pack

* TEIID-4437: finish connectors feature pack (#3)

* TEIID-4437: finish connectors feature pack

* TEIID-4437: finish all feature pack

* TEIID-4437: fix some missed modules

* TEIID-4437: fix some missed modules

* TEIID-4437: refactoring dependencies on rest module, swagger, ws modules

* TEIID-4437: adding the server distribution

* TEIID-4437: building the distribution libraries

* TEIID-4437: fixing salesforce-34 issue

* TEIID-4437: Fixing some issues (#4)

* TEIID-4437: salesforce depend on ws, fixing salesforce-34 issue

* TEIID-4437: wildfly-overlay-dist depend on connectors feature pack

* TEIID-4437: fixing force api version 22, 34 problem

* TEIID-4437: finish server dist provisioning (#5)

* TEIID-4437: merge wildfly overlay dist together with build

* TEIID-4437: add additional fixing for salesforce 34

* rebasing with master

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TEIID-4426 (#795)

TEIID-4426: updating module descriptor version to 1.3

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TEIID-3541: removing the embedded kit entirely from build

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TEIID-3519: after successful kit startup

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TEIID-3493: Adding dependency on Apache CXF to handle any security releated issues

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TEIID-3492, TEIID-3587: ability to load and run mulitple salesforce translator and resource-adapters simultaniously. User will be able to choose which version of the translator to use in the VDB

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TEIID-3492: creating a separate module foe saleforce modules, such that they can be eaisly replaced for version change

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TEIID-3343 Marking the module.xml files with classification

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TEIID-3912 using the partner api

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TEIID-2826: fixing the build issue, and movign assemblies out of the kit directories for better visibility

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TEIID-2826: fixing the embedded build

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