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TEIID-1432: Adding CXF configuration option for Saleforce connection. Also updated the document for this change.

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forward merge from 7.1.1

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TEIID-1388: The CXF resolution of endpoint address from salesforce WSDL is different from that of the JDK impl of JAX-WS, thus connection was resolving to wrong endpoint when CXF is used. However using CXF if you set the "endpoint" address explicitly it will resolve correctly. The changes here make use of user supplied URL as the endpoint, if in case user did not supply the endpoint then a default endpoint is defined in the ra.xml will be used. Also, cleaned up some unused properties and added isAlive call to actually check if the connection is alive.

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TEIID-1075:Fixing the package names to "adapter" for "connections" and "translator" for translators

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Removing bad URL value.

TEIID-1023 changing the default max rows to unlimited

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TEIID-833 committing JCA merge

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