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TEIID-861: old configuration files are being deleted

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TEIID-643 adding connector project jars to the connector type classpath.

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TEIID-622 simplifying property definition attributes to better reflect their usage in the console/designer

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TEIID-618 removing redundant classpath entry and changing cache size to expert

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TEIID-600 TEIID-615 further refining connector dependency handling, also adding filtering to add version info to the example scripts

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TEIID-600: moving all the connector-* jars into "lib" directory of the kits and keeping only the connector dependencies in the "extensions". Also, removed the "connector-xxx.jar" file and "connector_patch.jar" from the "ConnectorTypeClasspath" as libraries specified in here are loaded with post-delegation model.

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TEIID-561: moved the base "connector" fragment from the Configuration.xml to connector-api project, and also made the "embedded" configuration build-up as part of the building the kit.

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TEIID-525 TEIID-124 TEIID-572 removing redundant max in property overrides, adding pushdown of insert with a query expression, and adding full pushdown of all bulk update operations.

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TEIID-55: correcting the common entries. Most of them is already available on Connector. Adding the missing ones.

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TEIID-413: fixing the name of jar in the classpath

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TEIID-413: Fixing Case sensitive "isExpert" to "IsExpert"

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TEIID-413: Adding a new Connector type property classed "ConnectorTypeClasspath" this is the class path defined for exclusively for defining the connector type and its known dependencies. The previous "ConnectorClassPath" will be used by the user to defined classpath, for defining the jars like "driver" jars required for the jdbc connector.

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TEIID-413: classpath for the connectors will be computed based upon the dependencies defined for the connector, and then it will be inserted into the CDK xml fragment, which will be included with the connector artifact zip.

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TEIID-413: Moving the cdk portion of the config.xml to connector, so that connectors can define their own CDK files with out server config.xml change

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