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TEIID-861: old configuration files are being deleted

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TEIID-561: moved the base "connector" fragment from the Configuration.xml to connector-api project, and also made the "embedded" configuration build-up as part of the building the kit.

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TEIID-488: connector build was using 'dependency' plugin to build the classpath and 'assembly' plugin to build the dependency jars, however they both do not resolve to correct path always. Dependency plug-in is more accurate, so moving to use the "dependency" plugin for both classpath and jar building and using the assembly for creating the zip file.

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TEIID-413: classpath for the connectors will be computed based upon the dependencies defined for the connector, and then it will be inserted into the CDK xml fragment, which will be included with the connector artifact zip.

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TEIID-413: Moving the cdk portion of the config.xml to connector, so that connectors can define their own CDK files with out server config.xml change

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TEIID-413: adding a assembly plugin to each deployed connector to build a zip artifact with their dependencies during package phase

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