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forward merge from 7.4.1

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TEIID-1659 adding pagination support for ldap

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Add and remove Translator services and more engine service enablement, vdb deployment framework fixes

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forward merge of 7.4.1

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TEIID-903 complete removal of fake metadata logic

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TEIID-1533 fixing method name

TEIID-1533 adding the ability to split dependent join values into multiple in predicates

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TEIID-1533 adding back the ability to set maxin for all translators

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TEIID-217 adding multivalued-concat handling

TEIID-231: Adding function support for Dynamic VDB based schema stores and Translators. Functions added through these mechanism will be automatically added to the FunctionLibrary, thus do not need to be added to separately as currently being done with UDF models. This change also adds additional API classes into Teiid API to support functions.

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forward merge from 7.1.1 v 2657 TEIID-1309 validating multi-source project into TEIID-1237 initial check in to clean up assignment symantics and to expand procedure usage.

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TEIID-950: By default disabled the "ENV" system function. Added new "SESSION_ID" system function to retrieve the session information of the executing user. Removed the static nature of loading the system functions to enable the configuration.

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forward merging 7.1.1

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TEIID-1027: Removing duplicate keys

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TEIID-1027: verbose messages in the "" file. These are legacy messages did not get deleted when the code got refactored.

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TEIID-1027: verbose messages in the "" file. These are legacy messages did not get deleted when the code got refactored.

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forward merge of 7.1.1

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TEIID-1214: Adding description field to every translator. Also made sure this description is shown in the JOPR tool.

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TEIID-1167 adding primary key metadata TEIID-1166 fixing assertion error

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consolidating datamgr package

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TEIID-1118 refining the web services calling procedure. cleaning java docs. fixing an issue with the exceptionholder, which wasn't catching exceptions during serialization. adding examples of calling webservices into the kit.

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TEIID-1087 TEIID-171 TEIID-1005 TEIID-1114 refining xmltable/xmlquery (removing the returing clause) and updating the docs, updating reserved words to 2006 sql/xml, initial removal of xml/relational, and changing the model of connectionfactory/connection interaction with the execution factory.

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TEIID-1102 removing the text translator in favor of the file translator

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TEIID-1079: adding annotation based deployer for translator; providing a way to override them in the vdb.xml

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TEIID-1077 renaming connector-text to connector-file, adding xml translator to the dist, updating the examples, fixing test errors in the xml translator, and changing the ldap translator to not require a base search dn.

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TEIID-1056 refining connector changes to remove capabilities interface. also ensuring that property annotation processing is simplified

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TEIID-1089, TEIID-1075: renaming the capabilities and connector exception classes to TranslatorCapabilities and TranslatorException. Also, remove the use of TranslatorException from the connection layer

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TEIID-1089: Merging the ExecutionFactory and Capabilities concept toghether.

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TEIID-1075:Fixing the package names to "adapter" for "connections" and "translator" for translators

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TEIID-918 updating connector language/metadata package names and changing ldap translator/resource adapter package names

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