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TEIID-1118 TEIID-1018 TEIID-315 TEIID-869 adding description to procedure parameter metadata, refining the reference to include information about dynamic vdbs and translators, which includes more info on the WS translator, renaming connector developers guide to developers guide

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TEIID-315: Updating the translator developers guide. Added a section for developing the "resource adapters" into the same guide. Also made few changes to adapter api, to better support XA and security. These changes do not modify any behaviour.

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TEIID-667 TEIID-668 updating command and audit log classes/docs

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TEIID-104 some initial progress toward revamping the connector developers guide. also removing invalid image and consolidating the legal notice

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Renaming from Federate to Teiid.

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FEDERATE-302 - updating docs with changes related to connection pooling. The configuration section may also be appropriate in the console guide.

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Misc: renaming 'MetaMatrix' keyword to 'Federate' in the document content.

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