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TEIID-2294: adding ability to key alias name in a keystore

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8.0.x commit after the svn branch created; note the commit history from svn is lost

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TEIID-2196: adding validation to check the vdb name and version in all the admin calls

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TEIID-2215: refactored and moved code that is part of jboss-integration into runtime module to support the jgroups based object replication for clustered embedded Teiid.

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TEIID-2168: Replaced the Default Cache factory with Infinispan based cache. The embedded deployment also currently uses the Infinispan as cache and provides the possibility for replication as the server mode.

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TEIID-2158 - Initial implementation of generating REST based services based on a extension metadata provided on the virtual procedures.

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TEIID-2151 clarifying the exception

TEIID-2151 clarifying the exception

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TEIID-2143: Adding spaces between the possible cipher names for web console help system

updating the release notes, fixing a log message, and attempting to resolve a test issue

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TEIID-1923: admin supporting code to aid in console development

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TEIID-1985: adding get-plan to admin method, and also adding "include-source" paramter for request based methods to retrieve only user level requests

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TEIID-2108 fix for ssl mode setting

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TEIID-2083: Adding a way export the metadata of the vdb's model using DDL. This operation can e invoked through CLI or admin methods.

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TEIID-2082 opted to use the policydecider as the server instead

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TEIID-1328: adding "restart" option for the VDB, with ability to delete the cached metadata from previous deployment.

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TEIID-2062 adding metadata load to the embedded logic

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TEIID-2057: fixing the VDB modify operations to be synchronous, removing the duplicated code in TeiidOperationHandler and VDBService. Now all the VDB runtime operations should be handled through RuntimeVDB. Removed ListOverMap objects in the AdminObject(s) that was previously used in support of JAXB.

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TEIID-2062 initial refactoring of FakeServer for general use

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TEIID-2022 removing duplicate error codes based upon their messages

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TEIID-2021: Removing the hard depolyment time requirement to have translators deployed prior to VDB deployed. In this situation, the system will log a error message to console and as well as VDB errors area. The VDB will be deployed but the VDB service will not be started until the translator is available

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TEIID-2024 adding various validations

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TEIID-1889 TEIID-2022 refining exception codes

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TEIID-1998: When the translator is deployed as JAR (instead of JAR), there is implicit module, however it can not be accessed by the named module, thus it was an issue. Captured the class loader of the deployment, and also when defined with module such that the loading of the translator only refers to class loader not a module.

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misc: i8n message fixes

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forward merge from 7.7.1

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TEIID-1981:Fixed the ADMIN API responses for the Domain mode. Also fixed issues related to object Replication for result set cache and mat view distribution. Upgraded to 7.1.1

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TEIID-1975: fixing and removing the i18N messages

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TEIID-1280: Adding implementation for providing the DDL based view definitions and also flexible metadata repository plug-in architecture.

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TEIID-1961 refining a couple of error messages

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