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Teiid 5563 (#1113)

* TEIID-5577 creating an independent bom

* [TEIID-5563] separate wildfly distribution from Teiid core

* TEIID-5563 moving resource-spi and related out of the core

also adding back the Connection interface

* TEIID-5563 consolidating to just the teiid-parent pom.

removing unneeded files

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TEIID-5574 working towards better property names (#1112)

* TEIID-5574 updating the cli / xml buffer configuration

* TEIID-5574 adding full backwards compatibility

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TEIIDTOOLS-381 changing the embedded space limit default (#1082)

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TEIID-4520: Support for Exasol Connector (Support for Exasol translator, Fixed byte conversion and correlated subqueries, adding an exasol release note)

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TEIID-4520 Support for Exasol translator (#1078)

* TEIID-4520 Support for Exasol translator

* TEIID-4520 Follow up fixes

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TEIID-5286 renaming sybase iq to sap iq

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TEIID-5073 adding new sf connectivity

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TEIID-4981: Translator for Amazon-S3 (#997)

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TEIID-4733: Adding a Infinispan translator and resource-adapter that understands protobuf & hotrod based schema without explicit java based marshall classes (#944)

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TEIID-2820: Support Couchbase as a resource (#938)

* TEIID-2820: Support Couchbase as a resource

* TEIID-2820: remove update/insert/delete procedures, format some unit test code

* TEIID-2820: add initial commit for N1QLUpdateVisitor

* TEIID-2820: finish basic insert n1ql update visitor

* TEIID-2820: finish insert

* TEIID-2820: finish delete visitor

* TEIID-2820: add more test for delete visitor

* TEIID-2820: finish update visitor

* TEIID-2820: finish array update visitor, finish delete/update execution

* TEIID-2820: add support direct query, create separate module for couchbase client

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TEIID-4850 removing map-cache

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TEIID-4574 renaming the hbase translator to phoenix

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Merge branch 'teiid-jira' of

TEIID-4437: fix some arquillian tests failed issue (#827)

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TEIID-4545: add phoenix/hbase support functions, joins

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Feature pack (#821)

* TEIID-4437: Initial blue print of the design of feature-pack based build

* TEIID-4437: add connector feature pack (#1)

* TEIID-4437: Fixing the Kylin's pull request

* TEIID-4437: adding salesforce and reverting some of my earlier changes

* TEIID-4437: adding SimpleDB moving Object to Infinispan

* TEIID-4437: adding webservice feature pack

* TEIID-4437: Adding SOLR feature pack

* TEIID-4437: Adding Olingo module

* TEIID-4437: fixing the issues in the build with dependencies

* TEIID-4437: Adding Odata feature pack

* TEIID-4437: adding swagger feature-pack

* TEIID-4437: adding hive, hbase and prestodb to jdbc feature pack

* TEIID-4437: finish connectors feature pack (#3)

* TEIID-4437: finish connectors feature pack

* TEIID-4437: finish all feature pack

* TEIID-4437: fix some missed modules

* TEIID-4437: fix some missed modules

* TEIID-4437: refactoring dependencies on rest module, swagger, ws modules

* TEIID-4437: adding the server distribution

* TEIID-4437: building the distribution libraries

* TEIID-4437: fixing salesforce-34 issue

* TEIID-4437: Fixing some issues (#4)

* TEIID-4437: salesforce depend on ws, fixing salesforce-34 issue

* TEIID-4437: wildfly-overlay-dist depend on connectors feature pack

* TEIID-4437: fixing force api version 22, 34 problem

* TEIID-4437: finish server dist provisioning (#5)

* TEIID-4437: merge wildfly overlay dist together with build

* TEIID-4437: add additional fixing for salesforce 34

* rebasing with master

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