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TEIID-2629 consolidating missing translator error

TEIID-2628 fixing issues with using the buffer from xmltablenode

TEIID-2618 updating the ws xml example to show all properties required for sap plus the wsdl properties

Merge branch '8.4.x' of https://github.com/teiid/teiid

TEIID-2626 ensuring that the column type is always set

Merge pull request #95 from rareddy/TEIID-2035

TEIID-2035: ability add remove resource-adapter and connection factories...

TEIID-2035: ability add remove resource-adapter and connection factories with same name with out server restarts. Implements the work around for AS-4776

TEIID-2584: TEIID-2584: Materialization Management

1) If an view is configured for external materilization, if it needs to be

managed by the Teiid scheduler for loading the below properties need to be


2) The view is expected to be populated with following properties

teiid_rel:ALLOW_MATVIEW_MANAGEMENT = allow the auto management

teiid_rel:MATVIEW_AFTER_LOAD_SCRIPT = script for loading the mat view table

teiid_rel:MATVIEW_BEFORE_LOAD_SCRIPT = script to run before load; like truncate tables

teiid_rel:MATVIEW_LOAD_SCRIPT = script to run after load; like swap/rename tables

teiid_rel:MATVIEW_STATUS_TABLE = name of the status table.

MATERIALIZED_TABLE = materialized table

3) The above properties expects the status table to be in the format



vdbname varchar(50) not null,

vdbversion integer not null,

schemaname varchar(50) not null,

name varchar(256) not null,

targetschemaname varchar(50),

targetname varchar(256) not null,

valid boolean not null,

loadstate varchar(25) not null,

cardinality integer,

updated timestamp not null,

primary key (vdbname, vdbversion, schemaname, name)


4) A SYSADMIN.loadMatView and SYSADMIN.matviewStatus procedures are provided

that will load the materialization results and manage the status of the load

in the status table defined above.

5) During the VDB deployment a timer sevice is started to run the above

load procedure at defined CacheHint intervels defined by the orginal View.

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TEIID-2622 ensuring time based invalidation works as expected

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release teiid-parent-8.5.0.Beta2

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TEIID-247 ensuring proper resolving with vararg procedures/functions

TEIID-247 refining grammar for readability

ensuring timing issues won't fail the test

Merge branch '8.4.x' of https://github.com/teiid/teiid




TEIID-2422 using calendar based timestampdiff by default Conflicts:




TEIID-2621 adding the byte position to stream conversion errors and cleaning up teiid sql exception next vs. init

TEIID-247 correcting multidimensional casting

TEIID-247 exposing support for array types

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minor changes

minor changes

TEIID-2620 adding array/list get support to teiid script

TEIID-2620 adding array/list get support to teiid script

TEIID-2619 ensuring source closure

TEIID-2619 adding an option to make execution processing bound to a single thread

TEIID-2101 enforcing maxrows in all situations

Merge branch '8.4.x' of https://github.com/teiid/teiid

TEIID-2616 correcting property key

TEIID-2616 adding better detection for mismatched protocol

TEIID-2615 correcting the case insensitivity of in predicates