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TEIID-2143: Adding spaces between the possible cipher names for web console help system

TEIID-2138 changing the pg standard_conforming_strings default

TEIID-2036 adding pg

TEIID-2036 added support for array comparisons in multi-attribute dependent joins.

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TEIID-1374 Added removal of intermediate groups to ensure that we get a proper set of references.

TEIID-2136 allowing virtual entries on physical models

TEIID-2113 minor corrections

TEIID-2127 adding a release note to describe the change in behavior.

TEIID-2113 changing the set clause list to not use a java production

TEIID-2113 adding additional doc features and minor parsing improvements

misc: fix to return type

TEIID-2062 switching to an extension of the Connection for using language objects

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TEIID-2062: fixing the classpath for embedded example

TEIID-1598 fixing blocked exceptions preventing the cache entry from being created

TEIID-2083 - Adding the parser code to recognize the UDT option on the column. If this option is found then the datatype will be replaced with supported user defined designer's index type. Also the length, and precision and scale captured on the column

TEIID-2062 - Adding way to submit query in object form using the internal Teiid language objects. This lets user to skip the whole JDBC layer and directly submit the query to the engine and also skips the parsing of the SQL from string form.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release teiid-parent-8.1.0.Beta2

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minor tweak to txn detection

TEIID-2130 addressing short-comings with datanotavailable

updating the release notes, fixing a log message, and attempting to resolve a test issue

TEIID-2128 fix for frac_second handling in mysql

TEIID-1598 adding a release note

TEIID-2127 correcting the file translator and the isSourceRequired logic

TEIID-2126 making xmltype serialization free of direct enum serialization

TEIID-2126 repackaging retro overrides to differentiate between the 1.5 and 1.4 targets.

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TEIID-2096 fix for inappropriate cast handling

TEIID-2121 expanding the fix and adding service cleanups

TEIID-2121: removing the data source listener service upon undeploy of the vdb