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TEIID-145 updating system property name

TEIID-833: fixed few misc errors. (1) moved the admin tests to integration-db (2) fixed ping based on invalid session (3) removed admin api calls "shutdown" and "restart"

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- Removed required fields for VDB - Change "Connector Binding" to "Source Name" - Added VDB Status as metric and summary trait - Added type to logical model in VDB configuration - Split models into separate sections in one table - Add Connector Binding to JNDI name in source models table - Changed DS Runtime Engine to Data Services

TEIID-910, TEIID-833: Adding the provision to update the VDBMetadata artifact through ProfileService. Using this JON and Admin API can issue "assignConnectorBinding" calls on the VDB.

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TEIID-1015 TEIID-897 temporarily converting Teiid processing to a single threaded model. reintroduced the transaction manger to handle local and request level transactions. changing the default autowrap name to DETECT. consolidating threadlocal and security concerns.

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TEIID-988 refining the fix for the 3 argument locate

TEIID-1014 fix for npe in the postgres translator, it's not handling the count(*) case.

Added error section and updated VDB status

TEIID-1013: UDF files will be loaded based on path information provided; if path is not provided it will assume the "modelname.xmi" as the file name inside the VDB

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TEIID-1012 changing server context to transport.

fixing tests

TEIID-1013: Loading UDF files based on the information provided inside the vdb.xml file. Also, fixed lot iI8N issues with vdb deployer and admin code.

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TEIID-1012 consolidating logging contexts and constants classes and updating the documentation to include information from the wiki.

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TEIID-833 fixing build failure

TEIID-833: removing the max open files setting

TEIID-833: updating the package name change

TEIID-667 TEIID-668 updating command and audit log classes/docs

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TEIID-833: Source mappings are now exposed through the profile service as Managed objects.

Moved/binding model discovery to properties of VDB

TEIID-807: Cleaned up pom

TEIID-698 updating adminshell doc

TEIID-833 cleaning up post merge, removing common-internal

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TEIID-833 cleaning up tests post merge

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TEIID-990: XML Source and XML connector are same now; renaming the xml source connector to simply xml connectors

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TEIID-990: XML Source and XML connector are same now; renaming the xml source connector to simply xml connectors

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TEIID-833: Removing the implicit addition of the 'sys' model from vdb metadata. Moved to deployer