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TEIID-1720: Upgrade 7.1.0Alpha2, Admin implementation of data sources

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release teiid-parent-7.6.0.Beta1

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forward merge from 7.4.1

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TEIID-1750 correcting memorystoragemanager and switching to a lower cost crf function

TEIID-1750 switching back to using 64 bit CacheKey info and switching buffermanager to internally account in bytes rather than KB and to track batch overhead

TEIID-1794: Corrected ClassCastException as well as corrected incorrect field names for operations (Requests, Long Running Requests). Also corrected parameter order for "Terminate Request" operation.

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TEIID-1791 correct the dependent join indexing logic

TEIID-1795 fix for long running query calculation

TEIID-1792 making join planning more avoident of cross joins of unknown size

Updated console rhq plugin version to 2.0.1 for the SOA 5.2 release

TEIID-1793 fix for proc relational permission check

TEIID-1750 adding better file locking and refining defrag

TEIID-1750 further refining serialization and adding defrag

TEIID-1790 fix for substring parsing

TEIID-1720: corrected VDB dependencies on the data sources and admin api corrections

TEIID-1750 fixing a bug with positional filestore writes and fixing size indexing.

TEIID-1750 correcting xml

TEIID-1750 lowering batch sizes, removing the small byte buffer slices in favor of absolute positioning

TEIID-1750 pushing type codes down to datatypemanager

TEIID-1750 pushing type codes down to datatypemanager

TEIID-1789 fixing serial type

TEIID-1788 preventing the plan from being reported unnecessarily and preventing prepared plans from expiring needlessly TEIID-1750 updating the release notes

TEIID-1789 fix for serial type

TEIID-1788 improving typing and size logic

TEIID-1787 fix for batched update

TEIID-1787 fix for batched update

relaxing the test to prevent random test failures

TEIID-1784 fix for sort batch accounting issue

TEIID-1787 fix for batching NPE