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TEIIDDES-716 Added logic to set the default boolean JDBC source type options to defaults during initialization if NO import settings are detected.

TEIIDDES-471 Turn on nightly test
TEIIDDES-471 Turn on nightly test
TEIIDDES-471 Turn on nightly tests. Turned all test projects into plugin fragments so OSGi testing (JUnit Plugin Tests). Modified POMs and created a test feature.
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TEIIDDES-729 Commented out "SET DEFINE OFF SET DEFINE ON commit;" related xsl code.

Changing protocol and port on JDBC connection URL.

Merging 7.1 branch into trunk
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Outdated jars. Should be using 2.2.1

Removing Teiid Category and modifying the way that new Teiid CPs are created for Execute action.

Adding folder needed for 7.1 branch merge
TEIIDDES-720 Added disconnect() methods to clear out Teiid artifact cached items as well as force re-construction of admin components when reconnect is required.
JBIDE-6367 Upgraded to latest Teiid embedded jars.
TEIIDDES-712 & 713 Added logic to check for and strip out escape character. Also completed code for Import SQL to actually create missing virtual tables.
updated with correct project definition in pom file

TEIIDDES-503 Added team members as authors
updated with example author entry

TEIIDDES-503 removed the redundant link to TOC at top of chapters
updated to include image sub-directories

pom file updated with newest jdocbook versions

updated pom file to use newest versions of the maven jdocbook plugin

updated with new pom file and adding old version as ".bak"

TEIIDDES-503 Changing help contribution to use a TOC pointing to remote HTTP JBDS doc
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updated for brew

updated with xref tags rather than link tags

TEIIDDES-709 - Fixed behavior when switching between multiple operations/interface. Also changed not to overwrite saved transformation and changed the link to the operation input from "Edit" to "Add or Remove" since the latter is a more accurate description.
TEIIDDES-503 removed references to delete/rename actions in Op. Editor Input Variables panel
TEIIDDES-593 Code cleanup. I18n & unused imports
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TEIIDDES-503 additional fixes to docbook xml, image names, etc.
Commenting out all but 1 test plugin that works.
added for brew