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Adding final perspective and preferred perspective to the model project wizard.

TEIIDDES-873 VDB Editor's Translator And JNDI Chooser Dialogs Should Not Show Preview Data Sources And Non-Default Teiid Instances. Added viewer filters so that non-default Teiid instances and preview data sources will not be displayed.

TEIIDDES-833 Added the option for the TeiidViewTreeProvider to not provide translators so that a ViewerFilter for filtering out translators is no longer needed.

TEIIDDES-872 Added metamodel package checks for isSupportsUpdates and isSetMaterialized change notification checks.
TEIIDDES-836 remove the non-existing override method for getJdbcType
TEIIDDES-833 Teiid View's Tree Should Not Completely Expand Each Time It Is Refreshed. Tree expansion is left to the user and should remain unchanged when changes to view filters occur. Reviewed by Barry L.
TEIIDDES-724 correction to the displaynode logic mostly around subquery and setquery handling.
TEIIDDES-806 adding support for trigger action. added a new parsing hook via an override of the SQL/QueryParser that will be added to Teiid 7.4. also overrode the UpdateValidator logic, which will also be added to Teiid 7.4
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TEIIDDES-806 applying the proposed status changes. warnings will not cause a strike-through graphic on the panels and general warnings/errors will be shown on each panel.
TEIIDDES-871 removing unused legacy code
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TEIIDDES-836 fixing the import of longvarchar and longvarbinary
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Updated the dependencies.

TEIIDDES-868 utilizing SQLConstants to drive designer syntax highlighting
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  2. /trunk/plugins/teiid_embedded_query/src/org/teiid
TEIIDDES-859 Preview data failing for example project. Fixes a problem where the Preview VDB was being created before EMF had completely loaded the model. When this happened the model would have a model type of "TYPE" instead of "PHYSICAL" or "VIRTUAL.". Now forcing a EMF resource load before calculating the model type. Reviewed by Barry L.
TEIIDDES-816 Default JDBC SSL value changed back to FALSE.

Fixing incorrect invoke/invokeHttp procedures.

TEIIDDES-806 Needed to add an "allowsUpdates" and cmdType == SELECT to validateCommand() method. Don't want to do update validation on a non-updateable Table.
TEIIDDES-866 Fixed TransformationMetadata and corresponding records to return/access applicable PK/UK Id's and info
TEIIDDES-841 Could not reproduce, but could see the potential for recursive call. Changed code to prevent this.
TEIIDDES-859 Preview data failing for example project. Problem was that the preview jobs were starting before the auto-build and were locking the model objects. The scheduling of the preview jobs are now being delayed to give the auto-build a chance to get started. Also, preview is not allowed if any preview job is running. The user is presented a dialog saying they must wait for the jobs to finish and offers to open the Progress View for them so they can monitor the running jobs.
TEIIDDES-862 Missing i118n key for execute VDB action. Fixed case of key.

TEIIDDES-859 Preview data failing for example project. Add keys for the preview not available dialog.

TEIIDDES-865 Removed the Open action from context menu when the object's target Diagram is the current diagram.
TEIIDDES-856 Increased size of default width of dialog to accommodate message length.
TEIIDDES-851 New Teiid Instance Wizard doesn't validate user data and enable/disable "Test" button by default. Test button now only enables when all properties required to make a connection are present and valid.
TEIIDDES-852 Added a check in new VdbEntry constructor to set the default description to empty string if NULL to prevent arg check error. Same as we do in VdbModelEntry constructor.
TEIIDDES-839: Removed SOAPAction code from WSDL Generation
TEIIDDES-816 Refactor Common Code Between TeiidAdminInfo And TeiidJdbcInfo Into A Superclass. Create the TeiidConnectionInfo base class and moved "host" property to "Server." Updated tests.
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JBIDE-8403 bump soap requirements used by JBT tests, Modeshape and JBDS uberbuild to CR1 release. All Teiid Designer and ModeShape Tools jars have been updated to the CR1 jars.
TEIIDDES-859 Disabling cascading CreatePreviewVdbJob's during Project Open eve nts.