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tagging soatools 3.3.0 CR1
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TEIIDDES-1418: Upgraded to 6-13-2012 Teiid 7.7.1 jars
TEIIDDES-690 Refactor > Move source model produces preview errors. Put in some defensive code that will prevent preview jobs from running if the resource does not exist. Also fixed issue in VdbUtil that assumed model was at the same path in workspace as when it was added to VDB. Reviewed by mdrillin.
JBIDE-10139 - fixed summary page problem, updated toc links for 7.7
TEIIDDES-1377 - Miscellaneous updates to Designer Guide.
TEIIDDES-1313: Added deployment and testing sections for the SOAP and REST wars.
TEIIDDES-1412 - Added GuideView and CheatSheet examples.
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TEIIDDES-1410: Changed to use the schema element name and the message part namespace as default for the request procedure. Also changed the response to prefix qualify namespaces due to some elements having namespaces and some not. The default namespace usage was causing issues in this scenario and always qualifying namespaces with prefixes avoids will always work.
TEIIDDES-1377 Update Designer User's Guide. Removed duplicate appendix.
Increased timeout
TEIIDDES-1377 - initial check in of new chapter and re-org'd chapters and appendices per the suggested TOC.
TEIIDDES-1370 Add attached datasource/translator/importer matrix as an appendix in the docs. Created referenced matrix in docbook as an appendix. Also changed the UI Reference to an appendix.
TEIIDDES-1377 replaced search menu pic
includes latest 7.7.1 Teiid jars
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TEIIDDES-1325 upgraded to 6-2-2012 Teiid 7.7.1 jars
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Revision tag for SOA Tooling Beta 3 build for JBT 3.3.0 release
TEIIDDES-1389 Action needed a default no-arg constructor because it's contributed through extension
TEIIDDES-1389 Action needed a default no-arg constructor because it's contributed through extension
TEIIDDES-1389 New Define Source icon
TEIIDDES-1407: Changed to add DEFAULT ns when adding attributes
TEIIDDES-1389 Propagating vdbJndiName into Generate REST War wizard framework
TEIIDDES-1389 Added instructions for Deploy WAR action. Additional logic to auto-create vdb Data Source in Deploy VDB dialog/action
TEIIDDES-1389 Added methods to create a VDB Data source on the default server given a VDB
TEIIDDES-1389 Added constant and methods for "vdbJndiName"
TEIIDDES-1400: Corrected logic to handle multiple namespaces and alias in root and columns xpaths.
TEIIDDES-1389 Added rest-method combo and rest URI text widgets. Auto-setting these properties in DefineViewProcedureDialog and action
TEIIDDES-1404 fixed txn commitment logic
Update the XML imported to reflect recent changes

* Adds replacement screenshots

* Fix textual mistakes

TEIIDDES-1377 - Update Designer User's Guide

Add section on guide view in user guide Introduction

* intro.xml

* Sub-section 'Its all in the Modelling...' section so they appear in the

contents page.

* Adds section to introduction on the guides view to encourage users that

this is an easy way of getting started.

* metadata.xml

* Fix some incorrect bullet point layout

TEIIDDES-1377 - Update Designer User's Guide