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Add org.teiid.designer.schema.tools back into feature so that it will appear in the update site, and org.teiid.designer.modelgenerator.salesforce can therefore be installed via b3 aggregator. If you want this plugin removed at some later date, make sure that NOTHING requires it first. kthxbai
TEIIDDES-459: Checking in fixes for the fixes originating from JBEDSP-1229. Need to add code to MtkXmiHandler to migrate old XML Document files to new entity names, and corrected package indexes related to HolderEntity
Moved project under tests folder.
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Moving project under the tests folder.
  1. /trunk/tests/org.teiid.designer.vdb.test/src
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Share project "org.teiid.designer.vdb.test" into "https://svn.jboss.org/repos/tdesigner"
Removed version number of org.eclipse.core.resources. Reviewed by JPAV.
Added some tests and testing framework classes to facilitate testing of VDB-related code
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  1. /trunk/org.teiid.designer.vdb.test/.settings
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  3. /trunk/org.teiid.designer.vdb.test/OSGI-INF
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  5. /trunk/org.teiid.designer.vdb.test/src/org/teiid
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Share project "org.teiid.designer.vdb.test" into "https://svn.jboss.org/repos/tdesigner"
Removing schema tools plugin.
Removing XML-Rel and WSDL-Rel Importers.
TEIIDDES-263 Perform general housekeeping duties on 7.0 codebase. Specifically worked on the deprecated Eclipse Preference classes.
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TEIIDDES-459: Checking in fixes originating from JBEDSP-1229
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JBIDE-6399 - Removed history plugin
JBIDE-6399 - Removed history plugin
TEIIDDES-263 this plugin provided team history support for the old MMX Metabase Repository. No longer needed.
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Changing 'Source' text to 'Connection Profile'

Removing our XSD resolution in favor of WTP's

Removing deprecated extension attribute.
Added the "target" folder to the svn.ignore property.
TEIIDDES-263 Perform general housekeeping duties on 7.0 codebase. Specifically worked on "raw type" warnings.
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Fixing up some warnings on non-externalized strings and extension points.

de-dupe entries
Corrected various warnings
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Corrected various warnings
Removed unused imports
Updated .svnignore to ignore target folder produced by maven builds
Added new datatools projects
add org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi dependency to resolve XMLResource